Reiki Session Fees:

First time reiki session 1.5 hour ($95)

Includes intake and assessment form, consultation and intention setting before the 60 minutes of reiki. The session also includes Sue’s intuitive impressions of what happened in the session and a closing card reading  (What your soul wants you to know) . If you would like crystals or minerals added to this session, the fee increases to $125.

Return client reiki sessions 1.0  hour ($65)

50 minutes of reiki and 10 minutes to set up the session with an intention and a quick debrief afterwards. Available for returning clients only.

Reiki Sessions enhanced by the use of crystals & minerals  1.0 hr ($95)

50 minutes of reiki and 10 minutes to set an intention for the session and a quick debrief afterwards. This session includes the addition of crystals and minerals, placed on or near the body, to enhance, target and magnify the healing effects.  If crystals and minerals are added to the first time reiki session, the fee is $125.

Distance Reiki Sessions 20 minutes ($25)

20 minutes of reiki sent across time and space. These sessions need to be arranged beforehand: if you are gifting a session for a friend or family member (including pets) I need their explicit permission to do so before (e-mail or phone call is fine). In the case of pets, I can get permission from the owner and will muscle test as confirmation before commencing. In addition to sending reiki to someone who is not in-person, you can also send reiki to a specific time and place (for eg.  your wedding date or a job interview). The session will include a brief e-mail describing the intuitive impressions received by Sue during the sessions.