Energy Work


Sue is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and a registered practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association. She completed her Reiki Level I in 2007, Level II in 2008 and her Masters Level III in 2009. In between these levels, Sue engaged in a daily self-practice with reiki. See Reiki services to find out how you can benefit from receiving a reiki session in person. If you live out of the area and want a session, Sue also offers distance sessions that are shorter in length and therefore at a discounted price, but no less potent than an in-person session. For an extra fee, Sue can also send you a reading of the impressions and information she received while sending reiki (this may include stones that show up in service to you, messages from Spirit, or visitations from animal guides or spirit helpers, accompanied by common interpretations of these appearances).

Sue’s passion for the healing properties of crystals is decades old. Sue  has a Masters of Crystology (2010), certification related to crystal grid and layout work, based on layouts designed by Melody. Melody is the author of the Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals(1995), the most encyclopedic documentation of the metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom. While Sue has been working with crystals for many years, she more recently began experimenting with crystal elixirs, waters that carry the healing properties of the crystals. Sue offers intuitively directed crystal healing sessions as well as sessions geared to address your request or intention. Sue also offers designated layouts created and researched by Melody.  Crystal healing sessions can be offered as a stand alone session (crystal and mineral healing only) or combined with a reiki healing session for a blended session.

Sue has been exploring the magic and science of breathwork since 2006 and has studied diverse cultural traditions of breathwork , including  Indian pranayama, Taoist breathing and energy practices, qigong, and the European somatic tradition whose influence is found in the North American sensory awareness traditions such as Trager, and Feldenkrais. Sue has been coaching and teaching breathwork practices since 2011. Sue is a certified Laughter Yoga instructor (2011) and completed her classical Hatha yoga teacher training in 2012 at Prana Yoga College (RYT-200). Since then Sue has started her 500RYT program and is currently certified to teach yoga nidra, restorative yoga and Yin yoga.

Sue has an interdisciplinary bachelors degree in Women’s Studies/Sociology/Anthropology (BA) and a Masters in Social Policy and Social Work (MSW). Since 2014, Sue is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation.  



Sue has been working with crystals for many years, and has recently extended her exploration to the use of elixirs (waters charged with the healing properties of the minerals) as a healing modality. In addition to offering crystal healing layouts as designed by Melody, Sue also offers chakra clearing and charging layouts, as well as intuitive layouts with stones on or off the participant.

Sue recently completed a has a Masters of Crystology ( 2010), a certificate reflecting Sue’s abilities in crystal layouts as designed by Melody, the author of “Love Is In the Earth:A Kaleidoscope of Crystals” [link to buy the book on amazon}.

This book is well known as the most encyclopedic collection of information on the metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom.

One word of caution: I truly believe that the best way to get to know the crystal healing properties is to wear or work with them directly and pay attention to how they help you. Books can give you a good grounding, affirm your experience but my belief is that your do yourself a disservice by giving  other people’s experiences more credit than you own. Own your power, encourage your own intuitive guides and trust that the stones will share information with you that is best suited for you.


Usui Reiki Session Basics


How To Prepare for a Reiki Session

  1. Ponder what you would like the session to achieve. Bringing an intention to the session provides a healing focus . Your goal may as simple as “to relax” or as big as “invite more harmony into my home” or  ”know my life purpose”.  Whatever your intention, Sue will keep track of the intuitive information that comes during the session, and share that with you after the session (if you want it).
  2. Decide if you prefer a hands-on or hands-off session and if you would like to add crystals into the treatment.
  3. Try to schedule in some quiet time post-session, so you can savor the benefits of the reiki treatment.


What To Expect

  1. You will lay stationary for the session, on a heated massage table with blankets for comfort.
  2. If you choose a hands-on session, be reassured that private areas are worked from 4-6 “ above the body.
  3. Many individuals report feeling cold, pulsating heat, or a tingling sensation during a session. Some people have visions and  others fall asleep. It’s different for everyone.
  4. Expect to feel very relaxed and potentially sleepy after the session. For optimal benefit, clear your schedule of everything for a few hours after the session. Some people like to take a long bath or quiet evening after their session so they can savor the benefits of the resultant inner peace, calm and alignment.
  5. Intuitive impressions from Sue may include messages received, animal or human guides who appear for the session, stones or qualities  that may help you in your journey.


Benefits of Usui Reiki Sessions

Most people agree that reiki supports them to enter a calm, relaxed state. Some people have visions or intuitive insights during or as a result of the session. In some, chronic or acute pain can diminish or completely vanish. Sometimes allergies and other infirmities completely disappear. It’s completely different for each person. if you are interested to know more about this aspect of reiki, there is more information available on the testimonial and frequently asked questions section of the Canadian Reiki Association website.


Costs of a Reiki Session

First time reiki session 1.5 hour ($95)

The first session is a bit longer in length because it includes assessment forms, consultation and intention setting before the 60 minutes of reiki. The session also includes Sue’s intuitive impressions of what happened in the session and a closing card reading  (What your soul wants you to know) .


Regular client sessions 1.0  hour ($65)

50 minutes of reiki and 10 minutes to set up the session with an intention and a quick debrief afterwards. Available for returning clients only.


Distance Reiki Sessions 20 minutes ($25)

Twenty minutes of reiki sent through distance. These sessions need to be set up beforehand and while you may gift a session to a friend or family member (including pets) I need their permission to do so. In the case of pets, I can get permission from the owner and will muscle test to doubly confirm before commencing.

Distance healing can be done by knowing the name of the person and location. You can send a photograph also but it is not necessary. You can also send reiki to a specific time and place (for eg.  your wedding date or a job interview). The session will include a brief e-mail describing the intuitive impressions received by Sue during the sessions.


What folks say about Sue’s Reiki sessions


“Sue, the energy healing sessions I’ve had with you have alway done me a world of good! I love how you describe my energy field in so much detail after my session. The last time my heart was resonating a huge amount of pink, and funny, pink has been so attractive to me this year and never has before. My whole life seems to shift to focusing on the higher good for my life after a session. I would HIGHLY recommend these sessions to anyone!!!”

~ Sherry Mossey, Earthgirl Beauty Products

“Sue is a wonderfully inviting facilitator and has a special ability to recognize and encourage people’s untapped potentials and capacities.  Sue believes strongly in the body-mind-spirit connection and has a gentle disarming way of helping others, who may be emotionally or physically vulnerable, learn to recognize and trust their own intuitions throughout the healing process.   Sue’s enthusiasm to help reconnect people with their bodies, and her dedication to holistic healthcare, inspires and uplifts everyone who knows her.”

“Sue is a very energetically self-aware person, and part of her success as a healing practitioner is the genuine and consistent way in which she “walks the talk”.  She is able to stay centred, calm and clear headed even in stressful or emotional situations.  Her authenticity and enthusiasm resonates with people who may require healing on many different levels, especially those who may be unfamiliar with alternative healing practices.”

~ Charito Gailing, Community Developer, Vancouver BC

“Sue created an atmosphere of calm and safety. I felt prepared and safe to let the energy work. During the session I could feel energy swirling and felt the physical impact of the energy when my legs twitched. Once the session was over, I felt refreshed, relaxed and energized.”

– Lisa N.

“I feel more grounded now, and peaceful. I felt nurtured and felt that Sue was “on it” with her intuitive sense. I was glad to be affirmed and learned something about my life at this present time.”

– D. S.

“Enjoyed the warmth and gentleness of Sue’s hands on my head and feet. Sensation lingered even after she had removed them. Was very relaxing, felt calmed after the session.”

~ L.V.

“I felt very relaxed during the session. I was aware of energy and felt like some blocks were removed. Or cleared somehow, particularly around my ovaries. I saw very beautiful images before I drifted off ~ such as a big beautiful swan wings beating and flapping around my chest. Very lovely.”

~ S.S.