Yoga & Breath

Individualized Breath Coaching Sessions

Breath coaching is an individualized program for people with specific issues they want to resolve or for those wanting to increase their breath awareness or develop or refine a personalized breathing practice.  I’ve worked with people who wanted to address conditions such as anxiety, asthma, and high blood pressure as well as with people who have noticed some limitations in their breath cycle and are motivated to improve it.

One of the advantages of a breath coaching session is that it is tailored to address your symptoms and limiting habits or patterns of breathing. Having a conscious breath practice can help you identify when you are in a pattern that does not serve you so that you can recalibrate to a breath that better serves the moment. Conscious breathing can help shift you from a stressed out sympathetic nervous system loop into a pattern that jumpstarts the parasympathetic nervous system so you can calm down, de-stress and reclaim some inner peace. Breathing practice can also tune you into your body more, or help you access your inner wisdom.

First Time Coaching Sessions are two to three hours long, depending on your needs and experience. The first hour is spent on identifying the problem or patterns of breathing, assessing what might serve you and then demonstrating a practice or practices to support improvement. The benefits of breath practice can be immediate in some cases ( to switch gears or interrupt a bad habit) but for deeper longer lasting benefits a regular commitment to practice is required.

Breath Coaching Sessions are charged at a rate of $100/hr.

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Benefits of Reiki January 30, 2011

Reiki works on all levels of the energy body: emotional, mental, and spiritual levels but it can also work on the physical level.

Most illness begins on the the energetic level and with time, that energetic pattern takes hold in the body. Reiki addresses all levels and in so doing, someone with an illness may feel some relief after a session.

If illness is a symptom of our emotional patterns and thought habits (thoughts repeated often become beliefs) then addressing the physical level without a concomitant change in the mental and emotional level means the root has not been addressed. To work only on the physical symptoms is insufficient as all of the levels of our energy system are interlinked, or, are a part of one another.

So, whatever is happening at one level of our being does affect the whole and so treatment is best when all levels of our being participate in the healing process. Reiki is an energy form of healing that can support the physical mental emotional and spiritual aspects of the person being treated.

While it appears that the healer is offering the vibrations and is therefore responsible for the healing it is not actually true. Each person draws for themselves what they want and need from the reiki energy. Reiki comes in several signature frequencies and participants tend to choose one or more of these frequencies for the healing session. Moreover, if the person receiving reiki did not want to treat a particular area the energy would not flow to that area.

And so even in a reiki session, the effects and benefits are mutually created: the reiki practitioner offers the frequencies and the participant draws from that which is wanted or needed.