Energy Work

Energy Work


Reiki / Spiritual Guidance Sessions

All reiki sessions include an assessment and intention setting followed by reiki session and a debrief after the session (see what to expect for more info on this),

1.5 hr basic reiki session: $85.00

1.5 basic reiki session with oils and crystals included (blended session) : $100

2 hr reiki session with card reading for spiritual guidance: $120

2 hr reiki session with oils, crystals and card reading for spiritual guidance : $130

What to Expect:

Reiki is a very gentle form of healing. You may feel very relaxed or you may have a visionary experience. Some people feel and see colors in a session and others go so deep that they don’t remember much afterwards. You may feel tingling, heat or cold during the session and you may have sudden insights. You may also experience emotional clearing. Each person will have a different experience. Energy healing is a subtle art and can take time and practice for you to “feel” it. Some people naturally feel it right away and others gain a gentle awakening to the sensations. When you receive reiki you have a choice of hands on or hands-off  healing session. Hands-on reiki does not put hands on any intimate parts of the body (not on the groin or the chest) but may do hands-on near your hip or side body (e.g ribs near chest but not on it). When I do hands-on and am approaching sensitive or areas somewhat close to intimate places, I always check in first and ask permission. Feeling safe is critical in the session and if there is any area you do not like to be touched, you can tell me beforehand so we assure you of feeling comfortable through out the session.

Assessment time includes an introduction to reiki, and what to expect in a session  (especially if it is your first reiki session). I like to ensure folk know what is and is not reiki as many practitioners do blended sessions and add-ons and it can be confusing. I also do a chart of areas of concern before the session and get info on hands-on or hands-off requests.

Assessment time also provides an opportunity to identify your needs and hope for the session.You may be coming for physical relief, and have a specific health issue you want to focus on. You may be wishing for some spiritual guidance or clarity or you may want emotional support for something you are currently experiencing. All options are possible as reiki offers energies for all emotional support.  You may also have a specific health issue you want to be the focus.

Intention setting is important to frame and give focus to a session.

Intention setting may be as simple as I want less pain in this area of my body, or I want to relax. It can be an emotional intention- I want more peace in my life, I want to let go of resentment, or end a relationship  peacefully. It could be I want clarity on what’s next in my home, work love life etc. It can be a spiritual request for guidance on issues of trust, faith, grace patience etc. Setting an intention creates a frame and focus so that anything that happens in the session becomes a clue or message related to the intention.

Debriefs are a chance to share the experience, ask questions or receive feedback and if you wish, I can at that time share the information I may have received while doing the session (visions, guides, messages etc) .

Energy Healing and Card Readings:

I have numerous card decks to choose from and each has its own language of symbols and messages to provide guidance. We can decide after the reiki which deck might be most suited to you (or which you are drawn to). We can do a 1 or 3 card reading to add further clarity or guidance to the original intention , or to clarify something that came up in the session that needs more exploration.  My experience is that having a card reading at the end of a session gives it that extra oomph, it can stimulate processing for you over the coming days or reinforce a message you have already received. This aspect of a session can be a  fun and poignant way to affirm what the client already knows deep within but may not have consciously acknowledged.

Energy Healing with Crystals:

Adding crystals to the session can amplify the healing energies , or offer additional frequencies to the healing session. I often get intuitive promptings to use certain crystals in the session, with specific placement also indicated. If you are open to crystals in the session and know beforehand we can select a few of your choosing , and as the session proceeds I can add more as called to… Some people very clearly feel the energies of the crystals but often, like anything it may take practice to open to this subtle sensing skill. That is to say if you don’t feel anything with the crystals it does not mean they are not doing anything! 😉 Sometimes just liking a stone and liking how it feels in your hand is a great beginning to learning the art of subtle perception.

Energy Healing and Essential Oils & Aromatherapy:

High quality essential oils can add tremendous value to a session. Research and experience show that smells have an immediate and powerful impact on the memory and emotional centres of the brain. Smelling lavender, for example, can calm the nervous system and soothe anxiety. Likewise other oils can uplift the mood (citrus) and stimulate mental clarity (frankincense) or focus (rosemary). Moreover smell blends can soothe, reassure,  uplift and/or ground a person’s energy to better prepare them for the reiki session. Oils have a holistic impact and are a perfect accompaniment to a reiki session. Moreover, associating oils with a relaxing reiki session can then be programmed into the oil so every time you smell that same oil, it may bring you back to the memory and sensations and feelings associated with the reiki session. This linking of a smell with a thought, experience or emotion is called associative learning.

If you would like to explore aromatherapy in your session we can pick oils to complement and support your intention or you can choose what smells nice to you. I will  diffuse the oils in the room for the duration of the session, and can add it to the headrest if you want a more intimate aromatherapy experience.

What folks say about Sue’s Energy Healing sessions

“Sue, the energy healing sessions I’ve had with you have alway done me a world of good! I love how you describe my energy field in so much detail after my session. The last time my heart was resonating a huge amount of pink, and funny, pink has been so attractive to me this year and never has before. My whole life seems to shift to focusing on the higher good for my life after a session. I would HIGHLY recommend these sessions to anyone!!!”

~ Sherry Mossey, Earthgirl Beauty Products

“Sue is a wonderfully inviting facilitator and has a special ability to recognize and encourage people’s untapped potentials and capacities.  Sue believes strongly in the body-mind-spirit connection and has a gentle disarming way of helping others, who may be emotionally or physically vulnerable, learn to recognize and trust their own intuitions throughout the healing process.   Sue’s enthusiasm to help reconnect people with their bodies, and her dedication to holistic healthcare, inspires and uplifts everyone who knows her.”

“Sue is a very energetically self-aware person, and part of her success as a healing practitioner is the genuine and consistent way in which she “walks the talk”.  She is able to stay centred, calm and clear headed even in stressful or emotional situations.  Her authenticity and enthusiasm resonates with people who may require healing on many different levels, especially those who may be unfamiliar with alternative healing practices.”

~ Charito Gailing, Community Developer, Vancouver BC

“Sue created an atmosphere of calm and safety. I felt prepared and safe to let the energy work. During the session I could feel energy swirling and felt the physical impact of the energy when my legs twitched. Once the session was over, I felt refreshed, relaxed and energized.”

– Lisa N.

“I feel more grounded now, and peaceful. I felt nurtured and felt that Sue was “on it” with her intuitive sense. I was glad to be affirmed and learned something about my life at this present time.”

– D. S.

“Enjoyed the warmth and gentleness of Sue’s hands on my head and feet. Sensation lingered even after she had removed them. Was very relaxing, felt calmed after the session.”

~ L.V.

“I felt very relaxed during the session. I was aware of energy and felt like some blocks were removed. Or cleared somehow, particularly around my ovaries. I saw very beautiful images before I drifted off ~ such as a big beautiful swan wings beating and flapping around my chest. Very lovely.”

~ S.S.