What folks say about Sue’s Reiki sessions


“Sue, the energy healing sessions I’ve had with you have always done me a world of good! I love how you describe my energy field in so much detail after my session. The last time my heart was resonating a huge amount of pink, and funny, pink has been so attractive to me this year and never has before. My whole life seems to shift to focusing on the higher good for my life after a session. I would HIGHLY recommend these sessions to anyone!!!”    ~ Sherry Mossey, Earthgirl Beauty Products

“Sue is a wonderfully inviting facilitator and has a special ability to recognize and encourage people’s untapped potentials and capacities.  Sue believes strongly in the body-mind-spirit connection and has a gentle disarming way of helping others, who may be emotionally or physically vulnerable, learn to recognize and trust their own intuitions throughout the healing process.   Sue’s enthusiasm to help reconnect people with their bodies, and her dedication to holistic healthcare, inspires and uplifts everyone who knows her.”


“Sue is a very energetically self-aware person, and part of her success as a healing practitioner is the genuine and consistent way in which she “walks the talk”.  She is able to stay centred, calm and clear headed even in stressful or emotional situations.  Her authenticity and enthusiasm resonates with people who may require healing on many different levels, especially those who may be unfamiliar with alternative healing practices.”                  ~ Charito Gailing, Vancouver BC

“Sue created an atmosphere of calm and safety. I felt prepared and safe to let the energy work. During the session I could feel energy swirling and felt the physical impact of the energy when my legs twitched. Once the session was over, I felt refreshed, relaxed and energized.”      ~  Lisa N.

“I feel more grounded now, and peaceful. I felt nurtured and felt that Sue was “on it” with her intuitive sense. I was glad to be affirmed and learned something about my life at this present time.”      ~ D. S., Vancouver, BC

“Enjoyed the warmth and gentleness of Sue’s hands on my head and feet. Sensation lingered even after she had removed them. Was very relaxing, felt calmed after the session.”       ~ L.V. 

“I felt very relaxed during the session. I was aware of energy and felt like some blocks were removed. Or cleared somehow, particularly around my ovaries. I saw very beautiful images before I drifted off ~ such as a big beautiful swan wings beating and flapping around my chest. Very lovely.”     ~ S.S.


What folks say about Sue’s coaching services


“Being coached by Sue is like being on a Spiritual journey! She helps me to get in contact with my body wisdom and trust my inner knowing and voice. In our sessions I get to practice to be mindful and listen for what my body and heart know, that my head doesnt know yet. There is no subject too big or delicate for bringing it to Sue! She is very non judgemental and is open to guide me in whatever I bring to the coaching table. It feels very “safe” with Sue and she knows intuitively where to go or ask next to reveal the truth of the situation. I appreciate her authenticity, directness and generosity with sharing her knowledge in various areas.”    

   ~ Nina Mioen, Body-Centred Life Coach, Woodlands, Texas

“Sue’s compassion, love, humour and groundedness helped me to confront personal issues in new ways. I can’t speak highly enough of her natural talent and incisive observations after careful listening. At all times, Sue was respectful, professional and yet fun, approachable and worthy of full trust. Sue was particularly good at seeing connections across time and gentle putting forward of ideas to me that actually shifted my (often negative and habitual) patterns of self-regard. Sue helped me to integrate this perception shift into my daily practice. Thank you so much, Sue.”

~ M.C., English literature professor, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


“I worked with Sue for 3 mths. When we first started, I wasn’t sure where the hell I wanted to get to, but I knew I wanted to get away from where I was.  I felt that much of life was happening to me, and that I needed to figure it all out – fast! –  and yet I had no idea of how to do it. The coaching helped me get in the driver’s seat of my life. I learned I don’t have to know the answers to everything, and that sometimes allowing yourself to “not know” is where peace can be found. Sue taught me that my perspective is only one of many – from which I can choose – , and in this I have come to see more possibilities and potential – for me and everyone.”

~ Angela Cook, Victoria, B.C.


What folks say about Sue’s bodywork services:


I am so pleased to see you have set up your bodywork again Sue. I lamented the loss of your skills when you moved away from my area. I really appreciated how you individualized your treatments to the pain issues I had. I also love the aromatherapy you use. It made me feel so relaxed and calm. 
I was so happy with the treatments you gave me that I referred a couple of friends to you and they were also very pleased, not only with your body work but also your reasonable rates.  I hope you meet with much deserved success in the Courtenay area. I recommend your treatments to everyone.

~ Dusk McRate, Vancouver, BC

“I recently had a massage by Sue. Her massage is comprised of long, firm strokes with always great pressure! The tightness in my IT band, hips and quads gradually relaxed and disappeared under her sensitive and intuitive touch. Thank you Sue!” 

  ~ Gerry,an athletically active man in his 50’s, Courtenay, BC

Sue works on my body and my energy field using not just skill and knowledge, but also her intuition. Her treatment room is like a peaceful oasis and I can always feel that she prepares the space for each session with care and intention. Personally, I like working with a practitioner like Sue, who has experience and competence in a number of different modalities (essential oils, Reiki, massage, gemstones and more) so that she can reach into her tool kit and pull out exactly what I need in any given session. It’s bliss!

~ Lucca Hallex, Vancouver BC , http://www.powersourcerer.com