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“Being coached by Sue is like being on a Spiritual journey! She helps me to get in contact with my body wisdom and trust my inner knowing and voice. In our sessions I get to practice to be mindful and listen for what my body and heart know, that my head doesn’t know yet. There is no subject too big or delicate for bringing it to Sue! She is very non judgemental and is open to guide me in whatever I bring to the coaching table. It feels very “safe” with Sue and she knows intuitively where to go or ask next to reveal the truth of the situation. I appreciate her authenticity, directness and generosity with sharing her knowledge in various areas.”

Nina Mioen - Woodlands, Texas

Body-Centred Life Coach

“Sue’s compassion, love, humour and groundedness helped me to confront personal issues in new ways. I can’t speak highly enough of her natural talent and incisive observations after careful listening. At all times, Sue was respectful, professional and yet fun, approachable and worthy of full trust. Sue was particularly good at seeing connections across time and gentle putting forward of ideas to me that actually shifted my (often negative and habitual) patterns of self-regard. Sue helped me to integrate this perception shift into my daily practice. Thank you so much, Sue.”

~ M.C., English literature professor, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I approached Sue Pearson at a critical juncture in my career, seeking direction and clarity. Her coaching transcended my expectations, equipping me with strategic planning tools that were nothing short of transformative. With Sue’s guidance, I mastered the art of the interview, answering questions with a confidence I had not known before. She didn’t just prepare me for the challenges I’d face; she helped me to embrace them.

Sue’s coaching in workplace dynamics was invaluable. She provided insights on how to navigate conflict with poise and tact, an asset that’s already bearing fruit in my professional environment. Her support extended to personal realms as well—offering relationship coaching that empowered me to set healthy boundaries, fostering respect and mutual understanding in my interactions.

More than a coach, Sue has been a beacon of knowledge on matters of gender and race, areas that profoundly shape our experiences. Her wisdom has been a catalyst for my personal growth, allowing me to approach these complex issues with a well-informed and sensitive perspective.

What’s more, Sue’s approach is holistic—she encouraged me to compile what I’ve termed my ‘Wonder List,’ a collection of life’s simple joys that inspire awe and gratitude every day.

In essence, Sue has been instrumental in enhancing every facet of my life. Her impact has been profound and her wisdom enduring. I stand today in my dream job, living a life of intention and wonder, all thanks to Sue’s exceptional coaching.”

P.T., Planner, British Columbia