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Coaching Session Basics

You are New to Coaching and UNDECIDED. What’s the Process?
  • Call or email me to schedule a free consultation session and ask your questions.
  • The consultation includes a sample coaching session on the topic of your choice.
  • This first conversation is your opportunity to get your questions answered and see if we may be a good fit. You are under no obligation to make a decision at that time.
  • At the end of the consultation, I will provide you with an overview of my coaching prices and packages so if you decide to hire me, you will be familiar with your options.
  • Contact me to follow-up on your coaching homework.
  • Take your time in making a decision. I am in no rush to sign you on, & will never pressure you to come to a decision.
You have DECIDED that you want to work with me. What’s the process?
  • I will send you a coaching survey and contract to get you started. Fill out the survey in your own time. We will be discussing the results of your survey  in the “discovery session”. Review the contract and if you have questions or concerns, contact me for clarification.
  • Decide on the package and payment plan of your choice and send me the completed survey, signed contract and complete your payment (or first installment) to me snail mail.
  • Once you decide on a package and your payment is complete, we will schedule a 1.5 hour discovery session. In the discovery session, we review your completed coaching survey, discuss your coaching goals and begin to design how we want to work together. There is no fee for this call. From there, we pick a day and time for the calls (preferably an ongoing date and time – e.g. every second Tuesday at 2 pm – and off we go!)
How to Prepare for a Coaching call
  • Review your progress and homework from the previous week and be prepared to report back on it (if you have not already done so via email)
  • Choose a topic for the session that you want to make some progress on. If you have been coached before, you may have a sense of how you’d like to approach the topic but it’s not necessary to know that.
  • Think or feel your way into a sense of what results you’d like by the end of the call. Examples could include:
  • Seek clarity on how you make decisions (you are considering moving to NYC) and discover a process that feels right for you
  • Explore options for boosting  your leadership role at work
  • Brainstorm a resolution or strategy to manage some conflict at work or within
  • Explore what it means to invite “trust” into a relationship
  • Un-do a pattern that you recognize is limiting your progress, and build new helpful habits/perspectives
  • Figure out why you are procrastinating or avoiding a commitment you made to yourself
  • Experiment with some new possibilities and gather information
  • Find an approach to your craft that feels authentic and effective
What to expect in a coaching call

You can expect the coach to:

  • Be curious. very, very curious
  • Offer active, compassionate listening
  • Observe and reflect on the meaning-making you seek, choose, or want to shift
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Experiment and play with different approaches to see what works for you
  • Incorporate metaphor and a playful approach to exploring your agenda
  • Be curious about how body, posture and breath reflect what’s going on for you
  • Be open to emotional exploration in the now
  • Trust in your resourcefulness and creativity and “knowing”
  • Be looking for ways to help you access your inner wisdom- even when you seem or are convinced that you are most “stuck”
Coaching Session Specifics
  • A typical month of coaching includes 2 hours of coaching per month.
  • Coaching takes place by skype or phone per month. From time to time, Sue also offers in-person coaching in her healing space in the Comox Valley area, Vancouver Island, Canada. She does not do out-calls.
  • The frequency and length of the coaching sessions will be decided upon by coach and client. You can request two 60 minute sessions, three 40 minute sessions or four 30 minute sessions per month. The shorter the call, the more preparation is required from the coachee: short calls are most effective when you have a defined topic and desired outcome for the call. Laser coaching calls are all 1 hr each.
  • I recommend longer sessions to begin with if you are new to coaching so we can establish a working relationship with a gentler flow, but it’s really up to you.
  • My experience to date suggests that the more defined and clear your topic, the shorter the session can be. If your topic is related to the bigger goal underway, and is transcendent* in nature, having more time to explore can be helpful.
How Do we Begin?

If you are considering working with me, call to schedule a free consultation. You can get coached on the topic of your choice to see if we feel like a good “fit”  and have a conversation about the packages and next steps.

Once you  decide to work with me, I send you a coaching survey to fill out. This will form the basis of our discovery session, the first (and free) session one payment has been arranged.

You sign a contract of agreement (which clarifies our roles and responsibilities in the coaching relationship and outlines my policies on cancellations and payment) and return it to me with your first payment for service.

We schedule a 1.5 hr discovery session ( no charge to you for this) and decide if we are working by phone or skype. The discovery session is  where we will review the coaching survey and explore how we might best work with one another. The survey forms the basis of our agreement and will be a point of review as we approach our closing session.

When you feel you are complete with the coaching, we use the last session of the month to review our work together. This is where we can review how far you’ve come,  and celebrate your personal strengths and successes. I will also request some feedback on ways to improve my services, packages or coaching that you may have to share (I also welcome feedback on my service at any time). If you are extending the coaching by  purchasing another package, we can conduct a shorter review and save the closing session for a later date. If you prefer to move to a month to month relationship, that’s okay too. You have several options available to you as you move forward.

Ethical Guidelines

Sue is a member of the International Coach Federation and is a certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  Coach. A Professional Certified Coach- has a minimum of  500 hours  of coach experience.  As a ICF member, Sue agrees to provide coach services according to the ICF ethical guidelines, which can be found here: https://coachingfederation.org/ethics