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Laser coaching calls (Blaster Pack and Laser Coaching One-offs)
  • These calls require payment before scheduling
  • Laser coaching packages have an expiry date on them (be sure to check the details)
3 and 6 month packages
  • Packages can be paid for as a month to month arrangement, in installments, or all at once up front. When you pay sooner rather than later, the cost is reduced. For details see packages and payment plans
  • include unlimited e-mail support between calls
  • End with a 30 minute call focused on closure (what worked, celebrate successes, identify areas of service improvement)
Laser Coaching Options

1. The Quick Fix* or Redirect (1 hr laser coaching call for $300)

Do you feel like you have run into a wall on something? Need a different perspective on something that you know you’ve thought about again and again but only ever see one or two options (and in your heart of hearts you know that there’s a creative answer you just can’t see from where you stand) A quick fix or redirect session might help you get to the next step of your change-making. A laser session can help you redirect your energy, viewpoint or habit so that more possibilities become available to you.

A laser  coaching session that focuses on a very particular issue, problem or block can help you widen your view, shine a light on options you couldn’t see before, uncover a different perspective or turn a question upside down so it shapes up in a new way. I  liken it to breaking up a logjam so you can free or redirect the flow of creative ideas which could open up new ways of how you are seeing,  ”being” or responding in the situation. It could be enough of a “fix” to get you moving

A one hour laser coaching session can help you:

  • free up some energy around an issue that feels stuck and rigid
  • discover how your mood or perspective may be limiting what you see
  • gain some insight on the nature of the problem that is vexing you
  • explore options or possibilities that may be available to you and try them on for “size or fit”
  • widen your view or look at something from a totally different angle or viewpoint
  • explore the impact of assessments- your or others’
  • use metaphor to creatively get a handle on a situation, emotional tone or conflict

* You know that in reality there is no “quick fix”, right? *wink*

2. The Logjam Blaster Pack  ($800 for three 1 hr laser coaching calls)

Blaster Packs are good for coachees who have a busy life and can’t commit to a month to month agreement but know they need support and guidance from time to time.

Laser coaching means the topic is narrowly defined and very well defined so we can blast through within one hour to un-dam any blocks or obstacles. Life coaching happens from two to four times per month, based on the needs of the client.

*Blaster Packs must be paid in full before scheduling a call and they expire 3 months after the first scheduled call.

Coaching Starter Package

Coaching traction increases with time and relationship building. It takes time to build trust, and figure out how to work most effectively with one another. Over time we are able to

  • draw on more life experience as we approach other issues, obstacles, moods etc
  • remember, revisit or re-weave material from previous calls into the current experience for comparison or contrast
  • continue with the use of  familiar or favoured metaphor, as well as pattern and theme identification
  • gently challenge where appropriate in a way that best suits you and feels empowering
  • provoke, enquire, support or just listen in ways that will be most beneficial to what you individually need
  • discover processes and approaches that resonate with you and can offer shortcuts to places that seem intractable.
The Sprint (3 mth package and payment options)

Includes unlimited email exchange between calls and 2 hrs of calls per month (30 min once a week, 60 min every 2 wks, or 40 min 3 times a month). Also includes access to workbook materials.

  • Pay the full amount in advance and save $252 (Pay $1,398 instead of $1.650, i.e. $466 per mth)
  • Pay  two installments of $750 each and pay a monthly fee of only $500 per month (1st payment due in advance, 2nd payment due before the first call of the second month)
  • Pay one month at a time in advance of the coaching calls for that month ($550 each month payable before the first coaching call of the month)
The Stretch (6 mth package and payment options)

Includes unlimited email exchange between calls and 2 hrs of calls per month (30 min once a week, 60 min every 2 wks, or 40 min 3 times a month). Also includes access to workbook materials and extended calls, when needed.

  • Pay the full amount in advance and pay a monthly fee of only $400 per month (Pay $2400, and receive an overall savings of $900)
  • Pay in two installments of $1400,  which is equivalent to a monthly fee of $466.67  (first payment due in advance, second payment due at the start of the third month and receive an overall  savings of $500)
  • Pay one month at a time, in advance of the coaching calls for that month and pay $550 per month
Sliding Scale Fees

Out of the desire to make coaching available to as many people as possible, I offer a limited number of sliding scale spots. From time to time these spots open up and are available for the asking, so enquire if you feel this is your only payment option. However, be prepared to stretch beyond what you think you can afford. This stretch serves  as a first step in courage and commitment  to  your own personal growth and expansion. More, more, more… that’s what the universe wants for you.  Step up, and the way will be shown.