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Hi...my name is Sue

Sue Pearson is an accomplished and deeply compassionate life coach, renowned for her expertise in fostering mind-body-spirit alignment. With an academic foundation rooted in a Master’s degree in Social Work and Social Policy from Carleton University, Sue brings a scholarly understanding to her holistic approach. Her extensive coaching experience is highlighted by her status as an internationally certified Professional Life Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation, a credential that signifies years of dedicated study and practice.

Sue’s professional journey is characterized by a diverse range of certifications and training programs, including a rigorous 500-hour Yoga and Breathwork certification, embodying her commitment to supporting individuals in achieving holistic well-being. Her coaching methodology is influenced by various schools of thought, including the Coaches Training Institute and the body-centred coaching model developed by Marlena Field, which integrates Hakomi body-centred counselling techniques.

In 2013, Sue’s commitment to excellence in coaching was recognized when she graduated from the Newfield Network coach training program, subsequently earning her the prestigious ACC and PCC certifications. This journey underscores her dedication to adhering to the highest professional standards and ethics in coaching.

Beyond her coaching practice, Sue has demonstrated a profound commitment to community development, particularly in the realm of child and youth mental health and substance use. Her work in Courtenay, Campbell River, and Parksville showcases her ability to lead collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing service systems, a testament to her leadership and project management skills.

Sue’s services encapsulates her philosophy of empowering clients through emotional, mental, physical, and energetic alignment. Her approach is not just about navigating life’s challenges but transforming them into opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

In summary, Sue Pearson stands out as a multi-faceted professional whose life’s work is dedicated to fostering transformation and well-being. Her blend of academic rigour, internationally recognized coaching certifications, and commitment to community enhancement positions her as a distinguished figure in the field of life coaching.